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Get Out Bail Bond team is always available to assist you; our 24/7 hour bail bonds in Raleigh, NC help our clients in hard times; we provide emergency bail bond services, and our professional and licensed bail agents follow legal procedures to ensure a hassle-free bail process. Spanning from regional to federal, we offer bail bond services in North Carolina for everyone. We are a seasoned and the best bail bonding agency that offers premier client support in the bail bonds industry. Allow us to help you in your dire need of help. We offer flexible payment plans for approved clients. Get out Bail Bond has been a family business for over 35 years. Our bail enforcement agency is prompt and offers bail posts as fast as possible. Every jailhouse in North Carolina that we serve has agents nearby, and we are only five minutes from the jail in Wake County. Therefore, we are proud to have completed more than 10,000 bail bonds as we tirelessly worked for our clients.

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Our bail bondsmen in Raleigh, NC will produce the legal documents for the defendant's release whenever the cosigner agrees to a contract with our bail company. You can cosign documents by fax, email, or in person at our office. The defendant is then released after completing all the paperwork by following legal obligations.

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We are located 5 minutes from the Wake county jail and we have agents close to every jail in North Carolina.

It will take about 30 minutes for us to post bail. Release of loved one vary.

Yes, of course we work with families as much as we can to be flexible.


Bail Bonds Agents
Sarah Sanders

I had to rescue my brother from jail, and I had zero knowledge about the process of bail. Upon the recommendation of my colleague, I contacted Get out Bail Bond. To my surprise, they handled the entire process so smoothly, and my brother was out within 24 hours. I am so grateful for their exceptional services!

Bail Bonds Agents
Bail Bonds Agents
Tia Davis

Unfortunately, I had to go to jail, but the team of Get out Bail Bond helped me greatly! They were nonjudgmental and so cooperative. I highly recommend their services to anyone who needs assistance with bail matters.

Bail Bonds Agents
Bail Bonds Agents
Larry Brown

It was my first time approaching a bond company, and truth be told, I was anxious and slightly fearful. However, Get out Bail Bond took care of the entire procedure, and I was amazed at the level of professionalism and knowledge each member had.

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Bail is about releasing defendants from custody before a court hearing in return for a certain monetary amount. If the defendants reappear for their trial, the court may be repaid for the cash they pledged. The bail rules in the US vary from state to state. Thus, in some situations, bail may not be granted. Numerous bail options may be offered depending on the jurisdiction, the offense, and whether the court believes the defendant may attempt to elude the law. The court will reimburse the bond if the defendant appears in court. The court retains the deposit or collateral and issues an arrest warrant if the defendant fails to appear. The judicial system and laws are well known to our team of highly qualified professionals and experienced bail bondsmen in Raleigh, NC at Get Out Bail Bonds. We vow to have you or a loved one out of custody as soon as possible because we comprehend such situations thoroughly and have seen a lot of innocent people falsely convicted for crimes they never committed in the first place. So, whatever the case and scenarios are, our team makes bail a stress-less for our clients.

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